App install attempts

The number of times users clicked “Get the app” on a Card that has app information enabled. “Get the app” only displays in the Twitter for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, and only when the user does not already have your app installed.


A new and exciting way for publishers and developers to include more context in Tweets that link to their content. Learn more.

URL click

The number of clicks on a URL in a Tweet or a Card. Limited to clicks that happen in Twitter clients. We will only count clicks on URLs that point to your content.


An impression is counted every time a user (in a Twitter client) views a Tweet in their home timeline.


A Twitter account that generated URL clicks, app install attempts, and/or Retweets when tweeting about your content.


Only includes Retweets that occur on Tweets containing a link to your content.


The device, website or app used to send a Tweet. In this case, “web” refers to Other common sources include Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android, Tweet buttons, and third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot.


Includes Tweets that link to any web page containing a meta tag for your primary account. For example, if you’re accessing @NYTimes data, we will collect all Tweets with any URL containing this tag: <meta name="twitter:site" value="@nytimes">. The number of Tweets shown includes any Tweet which was viewed at least once during the specified date range. This can include Tweets sent before the date range, as long as they were viewed or interacted with during that time.

Tweet button

A widget that allows people to tweet links to your content directly from your website. Learn more.

Twitter client

Twitter clients which currently count impressions, URL clicks, install attempts, and Retweets include,, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for iPad, and Twitter for Android.


The data reported on this page does not include Promoted Tweet data and should not be considered exact.